Skip this bit if you really don’t want to hear about metal things.

The R1100RS is now 21 years old, bought on eBay in 2004. Recently I have done a few restoring tasks on her.
Cam chain tensioner upgrade
New starter motor, Nippon Denso not Valeo (which are unreliable)
Replaced Hall effect sensor when it failed
Battery, Odyssey
High performance plugs
New plug leads
Cleaned injectors,throttle bodies, new o rings
New Metzlers back and front
Rear brake lines and rubber to reservoir
New discs back and front
Throttle bodies balanced
Internal fuel lines and overflow reservoir cleaned in tank, tank cleaned of all the grot inside

So I am eating a goats cheese and date salad by a canal and my elbows ache. I will have to get her sold, get something more upright, less bone strain at the elbows and wrists.

I have been lucky, I have seen so many things, frozen mists over the lakes near Alta, oceans of flowers,angry grey clouds lifting their skirts to a secret blue sky, yellow cornfields, countless classic cars with their burbling v8’s, reindeer, boar… Drop a comment if you have got this far.

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