Berlin 1989-90

January 1990. I drove the red Sierra 2.0GL back to the Maidenhead office for the last time. After I had spent six months of coaxing ICI France to equip their sales force with our software; many nights of my translating and compiling proposals in French, we won the business. None of the sales team could do this, including my boss. It was also the only sale they made in 1989, the company results were not looking good, in spite of ICI. This was less than the parent company were hoping for. My disagreeable boss unfortunately suffered from type I diabetes, he often took breaks to inject himself. We just did not get on, this was made worse by his eccentric hypoglycaemic mood swings. I was out of a job – with a generous payoff to see me into the new year.

The evening news showed images of ecstatic young Germans straddling the concrete wall dividing the city. The Berlin wall was down.