Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini


June 14, 2012

Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini arrived on the dot of 8:30 to assemble their extensive array of musical apparatus in the Resonance studios in Borough High St.
Adam admitted it was not as extensive as usual, nonetheless they were upbeat about the performance.

Adam handed me a couple of sheets of A4 carefully laid out with his usual capitalised black biro – work of art in its own right. This so much reminded me of Wesley Willis’s handwriting…
Among the instruments; Crawford Cream Crackers and Ryvita (plain) biscuits. These were to be bowed, plucked and Patrizia presented us with a little rubber vibrator. She said she got it from an old man who used it for his therapy, after he had a stroke. The vibrator rattles against the Ryvita with a satisfying burrrr sound.