It is now halfway through the summer and I nearly about to complete my MFA in computational art in September. I have certainly learned a lot more then I had ever imagined, and I have not only surprised myself at what I can achieve but also how deficient I am in so many areas as well.

My main regret is I have not followed this direction earlier on in my life. Remembering my father who himself had a broad spectrum of abilities only to end up selling 18th-century prints in a gallery in the West End of London is. It is curious to recall how he so strongly disapproved of any sort of career in the art world. His favourite expression was “it’s best to hold your stock in trade in your head”. He was the one that sent me off to the ICA in 1969 to see cybernetic serendipity, his interest in mathematics carried over from his work during the war as the head of a cipher encryption unit in the British Army. I am sure now that he would’ve heatily approved of my doing the course as it combines not only the algorithmic Space but also the aesthetics of artistic endeavours.

I discover how disorganised I am; this is been my main obstacle. I have so many unfinished ideas and projects that litter my cramped workspace. I only hope that this in end does not inhibit delivery for my final assessment.

During my life I recall glimpses of inspiration, but I did not pay sufficient attention to them, instead, I chased down as much money as I could muster. Even so, I have not ended up a particularly rich man. So, I also have some regrets, that I did not put back as much as I could have done to my community during those years.

Finding that I am now officially an old age pensioner, my concern now is to explore my inner and outer and ask more questions from others until I am too infirm to carry on. I’m inspired by my fellow students and lecturers, encouraged and energised by their ideas and actions. I am left wondering what will be written on the next page and I turn… perhaps not a job but I am fortunate to have the freedom to explore a little further better equipped with the experience and knowledge I have gained over the last two years.

The main focus of my interests currently is on surveillance and I think this is a major factor in how our futures will unfold. The tightening grip is Neo-liberalism as the rapid acceleration of digital technology out-paces governments and the legal profession, leaving the younger generation with many important challenges and questions to answer.

We will have to see the final outcome my degree in September, I only hope I will not let myself down.


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