Email from Todd who sold me the motorcycle arrives last night:

“Hi James, don’t mean to be a pest but the email I’ve pasted below was interesting enough that I’d thought I’d pass it to you.  Who knows?????”

By the way I didn’t get back to him – didn’t want to give your email or phone – I’ll leave that to you if you’re up for it.




Hello Todd

Not exactly interested in purchasing your bike but I am interested..

I am shooting a 30 second concept commercial and need a ‘moto cop’ (or similar) to pull over a car, park, then have some small dialogue with a Paris Hilton look a like in a convertible.

Do you know if your lights up front still blink even thought they are not blue or red? Can we add some red and blue gels for the look and feel.

Any interest in loaning it for an hour or two in Hollywood on sat or sun this weekend?

$50 and a meal plus it should be in interesting enough, shoot, trust me. Do you have a mustache?

Let me know if your avail.



No I don’t have a moustache but then again I am quite portly and would make a good fat old degenerate LA cop but I might have to shave off my beard first… Hmmm I am tempted


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