The days are clicking down before I leave for two months US to do a Travis ‘Harry Dean Stanton-esqe’ wander through the back yards and gutters of the United States of America and beyond.

Decisions decisions… the motorcycle I was watching on eBay did not get a single bid.

Not surprising rally as it is a 21 year old dog. Tatty and unloved, unfashionable sofa with a 1300 cc gas guzzling engine. Still, if its still lying around still unloved I might make a silly offer. A dealer selling the machine uses it to get the sandwiches each lunchtime. It will need some work but if its cheap enough, why not? Craigslist had a black and white police bike for sale. I ignored it,

The main skeleton plan is to find my feet when I get to LA and get onto Craigsist again and hunt down a 1980 lump or crash damaged newer thing….

The route? I am going to flip a coin as to the direction, north or south. I have been considering posting a vote but who really cares?

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