flinging their lines from the racing vast river below me. I have just treated myself to reindeer meat and mashed potato with acid red berries (loganberry). After dinner, collect my sainsbury bag with tea and coffee gear, propane stove and make tea at the sun bleached picnic table. It is nearly midnight. A small water mammal darts around in the shallow waters near the shore. The black clouds partially cover the bright sun, carving a peculiar sculpture shape. The biting wakes me from this dream and I pull my Alaskan mosquito head net back over my face. Light rain kisses us. A serious looking woman sternly lights fire, like a true expert despite the drizzle. Smoke from the wooden sauna house with its spectacular fat steamboat chimney. The Finnish women chat with their men in a large group under the awning of a huge bus sized shiny campervan. They will make love together later, I could hear it in their laughter and the deep confident replies of their men. This goes on until 2:30 and I drift off to sleep.

Complimentary all you can eat breakfast; by nine the coffee for my second cup had run out but I demolished a mountain of scrambled egg, chipolatas and poppy seed biscuits. Munching while reading A Death in The Family by Karl Ove Knausgaard, I am late coming to this book but savouring every page. Thank you to Ross for encouraging me to read it. Effric is such a fan and now I understand why. I am not sure what I will do today, the warm drizzle patters on my tent, no hurry. Time is passing quickly underneath me but I don’t seem to worry for the time being.

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