Wearables Project – Information Sleeve – Concept

Weather, time, compass …and more high viz  sleeve for bikers/outdoor

Be seen and anticipate problems on the road:

I did 14,000 miles last year – rode up to Tiblisi and down to Athens, two trips to France / Pyrenees. I have information on board the bike – GPS, time, temperature, mpg, range… I have to click through the information button to get each piece of information. … More...

Project End of Term 1

Invisible WiFi made Visible


WiFi is all around us, the connections made by devices as MAC addresses can be monitored, as can the data itself and also  the density of the signals. The aim of my project is to render one or more of these varying things  as an array of self lit cubes.More...

Week 5 Projects 13 and 14

Project 13 Touchy-Feely Lamp

I tried using copper stripboard, Aluminium foil and masking with polythene and paper.



Project 14 Tweak The Arduino Logo

Using Processing to respond to Serial binary feed from Arduino

Variable resister on Analog port converted to digital binary feed to alter the background on a .png… More...

Week 4 – Chapters 10-12

Week 4

Project 10


Project 11

Crystal Ball

Project 12

Knock lock

Assignment: to solder a project on stripboard.

I used a Nano 3 to recreate the Hourglass project, migrating from breadboard to stripboard. Unfortunately, it is not working and I ran out of time this week.… More...