The Nonhuman Turn

The reading was Grusin, Richard. “Introduction”. In The nonhuman turn. University of Minnesota Press, 2015 and Chun, Wendy Hui Kyong. “Crisis, crisis, crisis; or, the temporality of networks.” The nonhuman turn (2015): 139-166.

Until now, I had not lifted the covers of any writings until this term and the course on Computational Arts-based research and theory.… More...

Week 4 Soldering

Using the Hourglass Project from the Arduino Project Book, I mounted a Nano 3 as well to the board. I used Fritzing to plan the schematic and as a tool to check wiring and layout for the stripboard. I had a couple of tries – as it was quite a challenge to cram in the components.… More...

IS71076A Computational Arts-based Research (2017-18) Week 1

This page will be updated weekly as part of Computational Arts-based Research (2017-18)
given by Helen Pritchard as part of my MFA Computational Arts at Goldsmiths.

First week, we read and discussed Computational Aesthetics in The Practices of Art as Politics
Patricia Ticiento Clough, Queens College and The Graduate Center CUNY

Although a challenging paper on first reading, it proposed a useful first glimpse of our course ahead.… More...