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I stare through my laptop screen, unwilling – no determined not to focus.
My unshaved chin rests on my arthritic hand. My dry lips uninterested in the fresh coffee steaming under me.
I wait for the meds to kick in – it’s late now, 11:03 AM perhaps they are beginning to work – that is how I able to talk to you now.


You find a gaggle of hung over residents of Butte wishing they had not drunk so much after a week of festivities of Evel Kneivel week in a bar in Butte Montana – the best way to deal with this is to drink quantities of Capt.


The Talented Losers

A live session from the Talented Losers, comprising the notorious Sexton Ming and poet Colin Shaddick.
The Losers conduct an unusual session, in the sense that, Ming is in the studio whilst Shaddick collaborates via telephone.
The whole episode ended in a complete meeting of minds, we were united in self-realisation and found our way back to the source of the unverse through farting, haikus and shocking ourselves awake.


Dave Russell

Dave Russell – If you discover him – then you will not forget him. Dave is editor of Poetry Express, mainstay of Survivors Poetry and Core Arts.  This is a rare opportunity to hear some new songs by Dave, performed live, with all the unpredictable technical holdups – highly enjoyable I hope.


Just Me

Unedited studio recording of R. Stevie Moore when he was my guest last year, he has just played in London and is now up in the north of England
R. Stevie Moore: You dont have to worry about my love off Advanced (2011)
Andy Partridge: Mermaid Expanation and Mermaid smiled off Fuzzy Warbles (2006)
Jandek soundtrack from the film Jandek on Corwood
Jandek: I shot myself from 0781-Khartoum (2005)
Jandek: The stumble from 0772-The Place (2003)
Syd Barratt: Wouldnt you miss me from Crazy Diamond
Allen Ginsberg: Uptown
Edith Hillman Boxhill This little light of mine from Music therapy with the mentally handicapped
The Sound of surrealism Patricide 4
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Canyons of your mind
Brion Gysin: Kick that habit man
Brion Gysin: Thoughts from the dream machine
Flying Burrito Brothers: Sin City from The Gilded Palace of Sin (1969)
Robyn Hitchcock: Not dark yet by Bob Dylan from album of Dylan covers Robyn Sings (2002)
Cal Veale: Paralysed
Randy Newman: I’ll Be Home from Little Criminals… More...

UK Uncut & Heathcote Williams

(originally broadcast )

Proving it is hard to learn by his mistakes, James embarks on another series of Outsider In where we may find insight into the world of the ‘outsider’. In the first episode we find James accidentally embroiled in facing off the mainstream media when they assume he represents UKUncut… Heathcote Williams sends James a new anti-government poem which he will read out for the first time and live on air… this is underpinned by more candid UKUncut field recordings and advice on nuclear safety.… More...

Frank Bangay

Frank Bangay and Tunde Busari

Frank Bangay was born in Wandsworth South London in 1951. He left school at the age of 15 to a variety of different work experiences. He started writing poetry in 1972. Back in the early 1970s, Frank found that expressing himself through poetry helped him to disperse the gloom of his anxiety and depression.… More...