Were was I?

It's been too long since I have posted anything here. My guilty conscience aches despite the low number of people who can even be bothered to read past the first page. I thought that I really should relieve my discomfort by giving a brief summary of some of the things I have been doing.

Motorcycle Lift part 2

I have been lazy in not updating this website for quite a while. I have been engaged in many othe (unfinished) projects.

Emgee (nom de plume, you may have heard of him already) helped me a great deal on this problem as he had provided all the engineering and much of the the thought to solving the issue of the fast dropping lift already documented.… More...

My Old Motorcycle Lift

  I've had this motorcycle lift for well over eight years and I haven't used it the last 2-3 years; it's been sitting in the garage ,covered in junk. More recently I have decided to drag it out and repair it. The reason I haven't used it is because it is quite dangerous.

It is dangerous because it drops like a stone.

Last day of the MFA

Only a few hours remain before the final deadline to submit my documentation for The MFA in Computational Art that I have been immersed for the last two years.  I am left to consider where this leaves me.

The delightful company, the ideas, the camaraderie of fellow students and tutors, the thoughts and the preoccupying questions that bubble up: “what must I do now…?” these have all come to an abrupt stop.

Open Rights Group July 2019

Orgcon 2019

Following my visit to IFSEC I spent the day at Orgcon 2019, organised by the Open Rights group. Meeting was held at the modest premises of the Friends Meeting House in Euston Road. Contrast this with the enormous IFSEC exhibition held in the Excel Centre in June. I’ve already written about IFSEC and recall how Tony Porter the information Commissioner ridiculed the efforts of the likes of Open Rights Group in the opening keynote session (during his question and answer session).

Peter Fonda RIP

With my usual bout of insomnia, I read the obituary of Peter Fonda who has died, aged 79. Fonda was made famous by the film Easy Rider. Just now, an old friend, Tony sends me a WhatsApp message this morning. Tony, like me, a keen motorcyclist and lifelong friend. Tony co-ran London’s largest motorcycle showroom in 70’s; we grew up together riding motorcycles. Tony writes: “another style icon of our youth Peter Fonda is dead; he is more responsible for you riding a motorbike than you think”.

Clearing my mind

It’s already seven days beyond my tutor’s deadline. I am recompiling for the umpteenth time dlib and opencv after multiple attempts. I have to clear my mind I am surrounded with detritus from the last 10 years in my workshop. I find bottles of tomato chutney from 2011 and noxious homebrew essences from previous production runs, dating back from five years ago. I collect together the various coloured alcoholic liquids of various colours to re-distil them and  bleach the distillation apparatus, running clean water through it.