I would like to thank a few people, some of who I really would have found things a lot more difficult without them or made the journey lonely and with no purpose.

So, In no particular order either of precedence or time:

Manny and Greg of Burnaby Kawasaki in Burnaby, Vancouver for sorting out the chain and correcting the handling.

Richmond Motorsports for the service.

Tim of Red Line Racing in Butte Montana for getting the rubber back on the road.

Matthew for keeping me out of trouble in LA and being such a gracious host.

Lynn, Andy and Desmond for a great time and putting me up in Hoboken

Harris for putting me right on a couple of things and selling me a great book!

Randy for scaring the shit out of me and letting me stay on his site free, also showing me another side of 61.

Bob Wood the hypnotist and magician

Alex and those at CHLS for letting me loose on the airwaves

Leslie for putting me up in Lillooet and giving me the inside track on all the weirdos that live there and all the friends for having such a good laugh

Gibbs and his wife and all the First Nation people who I was honoured to meet.

R Stevie Moore an Krys for an impromptu evening and sleepover on RSTV’s studio floor.

Greg and Scott of shipmybike.com for looking after me

Mike for rescuing me in Palo Alto

Margaret and Paul for all the love and kindness

Thorsten for meeting up and sharing the Lower East Side with me

Evan for being my Engineer, Brian and all at WFMU for letting me play.

Scott and Miranda for confiding in me,sharing their dreadful experiences  and making me breakfast

Tina and Hans for making me so comfy in Smithers (the place)

Colleen and Ruth and some of the more sane nuns at Humuh monastery for being so kind to me

Todd for selling me a bike that held up

The three police bike cop trainers who did not laugh at me

Rob Simone for hooking up with me and sharing a few jars

Douglas for showing me his car collection and Joyce for a lovely dinner

William English for giving me moral support and the will to live

All the countless petrol station attendants, chefs, campsite managers lavatory cleaners, Canadian libraries and librarians, restaurant  owners, fellow bikers, festival organizers, blog commenters and everyone who has been so kind to chat and be so friendly over my trip.

Effric, Shiona and Rory for putting up with me.


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