On the way to NY I stop at Whispering Pines in Rhode Island.

New York New, New Jersey, Newark, Rahway, Long Island.

Double A rating on wall street for Nassau County but still the MS13 gangs go on killing sprees. The $4 million mansions sit next to neighbourhoods where the unemployed and uninsured roam, a single policeman is posted to patrol the divide on a 24 hpour basis. The roads have potholes the size of dustbin lids and 3 foot deep. The drivers maintain speeds easily 20% above the speed limit. This is the same in Rahway where chicano motorcycle gangs hang out not far from Merck pharmaceuticals where I visited as a wide eyed advertising executive 25 years ago.

Last night I stayed in a truckers motel with channel 60 tuned into animated scenes from a butchers shop. No free breakfast or internet but $54 a night.

Heart attack before breakfast.

I paid a visit to WFMU where I will be doing a little show for one hour on Saturday at 12:00 GMT. I am reassured by small but perfectly formed DJ Scott Williams that all is in place and my engineer Evan (Funk) Davies texted me to reassure me that he is ready for the event. However he could not find ‘Im going out with a Mountain but I’m only 5’3″‘by Spike Milligan in the FMU record library. I am amazed how WFMU sits like the tiny restaurant in Shanghai who refused to sell up to the property developers – as seen in the news earlier this year, refusing to sell to the big property developers. On 43 Montgomery St in Jersey City, surrounded by huge Hotels, offices and must-have one and two bedroom buy to let investment opportunities. It is incredible how the little radio station has survived, I wonder for how much longer? Long live WFMU!

Back to school shopping and Labor Day – coming up; you better put your money down on that Chevrolet (ignore that they consume the most gasoline). I am pleased to hear on the local news is that Long Island is due to get free internet access in all parks and beaches, it will increase the quality of life by far, without costing a penny more for the taxpayers. Free Internet access for all those living below the poverty line! Hooray!

I am tired after 10,150 miles, I am in rehab tonight in a better establishment after weeks of subsistence level survival. Tomorrow I am entering Manhattan to meet up with a friend. I am terrified by the inept confrontational driving of the New Yorkers, truly the most dangerous and unpleasant drivers I have ever met in my 36 years of driving. The roads are unsafe. I think I will take the train.


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