10th August continued

The road follows the Ottawa River to … Ottawa. The city is from my narrow first impressions a rather dull poor copy of other cities with a pompous air about it. Flags hang from lamp posts commemorating the English past – all designed to differentiate the place from the Francophonies across the river. I did take a rather fetching shot of this man in drag in the middle of the motorway holding a placard to promote a Levis sale nearby. On his T shirt it read ‘Support the Troops’ Anyway he was very cooperative when it came to posing for the camera. I had to risk life and limb taking it.


The contrast between the have and have nots continues to draw my attention. There was a particularly sad bag lady in the gardens of the cathedral whose inscription reads: ‘Marie Reine Du Monde’ and around the corner was a couple of tramps – I got one to take a picture of me and the other one.

Local elections coming up soon, in the US as well… this is the Liberal candidate in North Montreal.

And the Conservative…

I found a good place to have a coffee and it is 4 Km north of the centre on Montreal. I found it hard to find a part of the city that had ‘soul’ – still, a better city than Ottawa.


Past Montreal I found a campsite, heaving couple silhouetted, a light on in their tent …. 4AM – least said about this the better, suffice it to say – the Quebequians never sleep, I did not either and left at 6AM.

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