A sound nights sleep, washed some clothes and Sue marched out to my tent in her pyjamas with a lovely breakfast. So many people have been good to me on this trip, this was totally unexpected, I wish both Eppo and Sue good luck, they are really working hard to get the site cottages finished before the winter sets in and their visas run out. They told me they are setting off for Spain for the winter and hope to resolve the Canadian visa issues by the time they return to open the site in the spring. They have a very special spot and I am sure it will be a great success. I forgot to ask them the URL of their website, perhaps if you are reading this E&S can you post a comment with that info?

I am now in Petawawa public library; the Canadian library system is truly wonderful. A centre for information in a brand new building, air conditioned smartly designed, free internet access… hospitals too. I saw brand new ones on the road, eg:

Passing the military training camp, three jeeps with a machine gun on top travel along a dirt road parallel to the highway, I wave at them, they wave back at me. Lookout towers, then more armoured cars and military vehicles. Canada are involved with the war as well.…

sound collage from my minidisk player (contains some bad language)


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