Another day of travel, not really worth talking about except for how I ended up by the Ottawa river tonight. I passed through many towns with no idea where I was to stay.

Looking to find somewhere along the trans Canada Highway (route 17) – I came across a national park and the pretty blonde lady ranger said I could stay but the catch was I had to drive 40 Km of dirt road to get there. She suggested further on up the road (19 Km) …

Anyway, around the corner from the National Park was a signpost to Hilltop Campsite.

I trundle in, the place looked like it had just been done up with no-one around. Eppo, a Dutch guy about 30 appeared and said the place had not opened – it was due to open next year but I was welcome to stay – for free… and did I have any food? I said I had some rations of ham and cheese so before I could say anything he reappeared with 5 slices of brown buttered bread and some fried eggs.

I still eventually gave him some money

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